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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Archi Sem 4 - Pavilion Design

I'm here to introduce about my Sem4 Design Project, My Pavilion Design. At this time, we are required to design a pavilion for modern art exhibits purpose. Site is given at the fields around Sarawak Old Museum and 1 month period time for us to make site analysis, designing exterior & interior spaces.

After a long way of development, I've designed a pavilion with Tornado concept. This pavilion is simple outlook that can easily pull human attraction on it. Fully covered with aluminium framed glass and surrounded by several rings makes up this 3 storey high pavilion.

Below are some photos showing my model of the Tornado Pavilion:

Tornado pavilion model

And these are my presentation boards:

In this project we all learnt how to do a SWAT analysis and how to link our design to a site. Although the moment we walked through is hard and tired, but we gained infinity experiences for future usage and how to prove our way which is true...ccc(^_^)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Archi Sem 3 - Dancing with my Hero

Dancing With My Hero - The Human Torch

Human Torch
Harlo everyone, I'm now described about my final design model, which is designed a studio/living space/sanctuary to my superhero, The Human Torch. Human Torch is 1 of the member of Fantastic 4. I've chose this superhero is because I felt he has some characteristic which similiar to me, such as : aggressive, playful and creative. Human Torch has the ability to create any form of fire ( fireballs,firewall,etc..) with spark and the presence of oxygen. Therefore, I've chose a concept of "Aggressive + Explosive". This concept is a combination of aggressive architecture with the explosive idea. Therefore, I've done some precedence studies before got into my final model and boards.

The Federation Square in Melbourne

The interior view of Serpentine Gallery

Sumika Pavillion, Tokyo

My Presentation Boards
These are 2 A1 size of presentation boards. In the boards included Human Torch Himself, 1 Floor Plan (1:50), 2 Elevation (1:50), 1 Axonometric View, 2 Sectional Perspectives, 2 Interior Perspectives & 2 Exterior Perspectives, precedence studies & Idea developments.

My "Explosive + Aggressive concept" model
This is my Model, I've done it with 2 & half days. This was because I've made the interior space more detail & tidy. The reason I put my Superhero living space at a high rise building in the urban city(New York), is because he likes high population, and crimes happening there everyday..! Whenever people need him, he can just fly out from his balcony without bringing any harm to the lower part of space easily. The idea I used in this concept including "Explosion Basic Colour" ( White & Red), "Solid, Opaque and Translucent" and "Spliting between Partition"( this is because when explosion happened, walls and windows will be damaged and splited. And what interesting is, except the main entrance, there are no more doors in the living space..! =)
Thats all my model description. Welcome any comments, or more info ask me in chatbox/ in MSN. Thanks for viewing my blog.. ccc(^^)

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Tent

LimkokWing SEM3 Archi students is requested to design and built up a tent, with the site chosen before and required to work in 2 ~ 3 per group.

Therefore I was same group with 2 of my Best buddies, L.Joon Kien & Stanley Sim. We chose the concept of the " Two Waves Intercept". This idea is function as the amplitude of waves move in same frequency in opposite direction and crush with each other.. However, we were just simply developed our idea into 2 regular tent shape structures.

Below are some pics of the simple form model :
the Waves Intercept Concept

After the model is approved, we started to think about how to make the whole tent jointed together with the least and minimum cost of material used. So, we found that PVC pipes, L pipe joints, T pipe joints and some hinges helped us up in the cost and also the workmanship. We thought all possible ways to reduce the pieces to bring to the site and also minimum the set up time for our tent. After few days helly busy building process, including finding materials, fixing the shape of the tent, and the fabric cover of the tent, we were proudly did our 1st tent design in our life..!
Pics are showned below :

This is the 1st time we completed our tent, and some improvement is done before the trip to Lundu. ( sorry, I skipped the Fun parts we having in Lundu >.<)

This pic was taken right after we built up our tent in the site(seaside) with our Design Lec, Elin Chong. We enjoyed all the period during the trip of Lundu~~ ^^

After the trip, we are requested to built up our tent 1 more time for the Cyberjaya LKW students to enjoy it.. therefore, we finally did it "unwillingly" for 1 more time.. Aiks...

So, this is the post showing my Tent design, if anyone interested with it, just drop comments and let me feel happy of it.. >.^


Sunday, March 15, 2009

3rd Week


Everybody, saw this guy..? He seems totally broke down on class,rite? Ya, thats it..! Not only this noob, because almost 7 of us having the same condition as him.. This is why sleep at 4am, and wake up at 7.30am... Pro....! (OmG team not fake 1..)

This is the zoom in photo of it.. By the way, anybody saw something like a white stick on his head? It is a cigarette..! Haha.. He never felt anything when we fooling him around that time, keke... Forgive us, bro.... XD


Ya, thats true..! Everyone is concern about the site analysis and the precedence studies board.. This is because we tr our best to avoid any 'shooting' by our kind design lecturer.. =)

Our frens which is another group oso trying their best with us.. =)

Tada~~ This is what we did.. Imagine it is A1 size x2..!

okok, let us show u the size..

Here is our group photo before steady mode..

See, how smart are us..??! Wakaka..

Anyway, we considered did a good job with this assignment, because we did hear our lecturer praising us with the word, "Good..!" ( beh pai leh..)
Haha.. Anyway, we will try our best to proceed to our Assignment Part B..!

Gambateh AT SEM 3 (2009)...!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

2nd Week

ABC..! ^^

Saw this? A simple pic showing 3 guys enjoying ABC with extremem happy looking, especially me.. Haha.. This pic was taken during day 1 when we went to visit Hindu Temple, St.Josept Cathedral, Tua Pek Kong Temple and Old Mosque around Kuching.. Why do we need to went there? Why? For what? okok... You'll know the reason soon... Just continue scroll down ur mouse.. =)
This pic is taken when we having our lunch in SCR, during the time we paying the bill.. Haha.. How childish are we, especially me( like what someone say about I'm) And I do admit it, haha...
After the lunch, we had our bad time in stanley house about 4 to 5 days... OmG..!
And during Friday, the last day met with presentation, we still rushing with our 50cm x 50 cm, not standard size board, wtf...! Due to the boring situation, Ah Chiang found out something interest... Keke..
Tadaa~ Saw the new hair style of Ah Jing? Haha.. So funny and so cool...!

And this taken with the designer, Ah Chiang...! Hehe.. He designed by using the cutters and a pair of scissor, haha...

To my buddies, still remember the Temple, cathedral and mosque we have visited that I have mention just now? Nah, this is the board we done with 4 different cultural architecture.. However, these boards kena rejected badly by a EXCELLENT lecturer.. She DID told us how should we do our board for this assignment, and she is SO KIND.. Telling us that maybe we will fail because of her fault.. zzZ.. LimKokWing students issit pay money to fail? because the lecturer never tell us what we should do, even without any example?? What means seniors never have an example? THATS WHY THEY REPEAT...! There is no point I continue scolding a bad lecturer in my blog.. Anyway, I will do my best...TO COMPLAINT ABOUT IT...!

Friday, February 27, 2009

1st week in sem3

1st Point The Gay
Today happened in school, was...2 of my friends started changing their sexual..!

Maybe they feel boring life as a boy?
Maybe they don't like standing when pee?
Maybe they wish to have a boyfriend??
I duno..
What I know is...
They are dam funny! XD
Below are 2 pics each shown my Pretty Friends.. =.=
the so called Money Guy

And the 1 called...(dinosour girl?) keke..

Second Point OmG created by Ken'z

Ok, now let me introduce my new creation for today ( when I bored til nth to do)

This, is our 5 ppl new team name, called OmG...!

Y calling OmG?


It stand for " Optimum Mankind Group"

Haha... Sound so great huh?

Ya, it does...And we hope we can be like our team name and deal with our sem3..

Everything must be started from a point.. So I did some Logo creation for our team..

And I do hope who likes it... just join us... Hehe..

How to join? not need to join actually..

Just remember it, and u will be a part of us.. And do remember the team name,

Optimum Mankind,and then u will be super for solving everything with ur strength.. ^^

Cheers ya.. (For those who really likes the logos, juz save'em into ur pc)

1st option

2nd Option

3rd Option

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

That Day

Is because for add more posts on my empty blog.. So, I gotta post that day when White Hair and our Boss came to Kuching for da open ceremony of our LimkokWing Instititute in Kuching, Sarawak..

Below are some pictures and video clips show about the situation during the ceremony.. =)

Our school models, woah...!

Allan, the fashion designer..

And, below are the video clips show the White Hair n my Boss face, and also the choir singing moment...=)

Nah...tats all for this post, hope it does boring..Hehe.. =D